gdgt is a new kind of technology site - a social gadget platform that enables you to connect with the community through your gadgets, and connect with your gadgets through the community. It's a place for you to engage with your devices and hang out with people who are as passionate about their gear as you are.
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What we did

We worked closely with the co-founders of gdgt, Ryan Block and Peter Rojas, to create the user interface (UI) and design system for the launch of their new gadget platform. We brainstormed strategy, created new wireframes to map out user flows, delivered concept designs, debated paradigms, and designed the full UI for the first release of gdgt. The backend was developed by Gelo Factory.


Design consulting, concept design, UI, UX

I feel fortunate to say that we worked with Ideacodes fairly early on in the lifecycle of our site. They not only created some really thoughtful, inspired designs – their insights and feedback actually helped us understand our own product on a deeper level. Ideacodes is as talented as collaborators as they are designers, which is a pretty a rare and powerful trait.

- Ryan Block, Co-founder, GDGT

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