GigaOM is an online news and weblog published by Giga Omni Media, a San Franciso-based company that delivers technology news, analysis and opinions on topics ranging from broadband to online games and Web 2.0 to a monthly global audience of 500,000 consumers and professionals interested in the world of hi-tech.
What we did

We collaborated with GigaOM founder, Om Malik, to provide design consulting and a new design for GigaOM 2.0, the expanded version of the GigaOM blog empire. After launch, we continued to provide ongoing design for Om’s growing network of blogs and online properties.


Concept designs, user interface, user experience and front-end code.


Om Malik’s post Early Spring Cleaning: GigaOM Changes from Feb 21, 2007.

Om Malik’s post Update, Reload & Party from August 9, 2007.

Emily Chang’s post, GigaOM 2.0 Launches


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