Growers and Nomads offers a place of conversation and a place to talk about how home is a metaphor for life.
What we did

We were brought in by Mind Over Media to help with information architecture and to create designs for the new GrowersandNomads website, which offers a mix of consumer-focused home design content, home service listings, and marketing tools designed to build a deep database of prospective new customers.


Information architecture, visual design.

The Mind Over Media Group has hired Ideacodes to architect and design two very different websites, and both times Ideacodes did stellar work for our clients. Today, we keep the team on retainer because we simply could not function without them! Emily and Max are a delight to work with and highly responsive. They are also consummate and resourceful problem solvers, responding to any of my, “Can we do this…?” with thoughtful, fully realized suggestions that inevitably become terrific solutions.

- Miriam Bookey, Web Strategist, Mind Over Media

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