Our clients range from entrepeneurs and startups to Fortune 500 companies to social media, higher education, and arts and media organizations. We provide a full suite of strategic design services that can be customized and tailored to your needs.


Social Media Classroom
We designed and developed a new site with Howard Rheingold for the launch of the Social Media Classroom.
We worked with Sodahead to redefine their information architecture and created a new visual design for the community.
Nalu Collective
Nalu Collective is a website devoted to photographs and videos about the art of surfing from around the world.
We created this Twitter visualization and mashup that provides the most commonly used words in a given time period.
We created concept designs for the first version of the public site for GogoApps, which later became Tapulous.
Berkeley Engineering
We worked with Berkeley Engineering to create a new design and information architecture for their website.
We worked with TimeGroove to create the initial concepts for the core features of the lifestream application.
Stylehive brought us in as their design team, from the first alpha prototype to a vibrant community three years later.
We redesigned the next version of the popular tech blog, ReadWriteWeb, and upgraded its tech platform.

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