Our clients range from entrepeneurs and startups to Fortune 500 companies to social media, higher education, and arts and media organizations. We provide a full suite of strategic design services that can be customized and tailored to your needs.


Scion City
We created concept design for Scion City, a Millions of Us virtual world campaign in Second Life.
Millions of Us
We worked with CEO Reuben Steiger and Millions of Us to concept their new website and brainstorm design ideas.
Save the North Shore
We designed and developed this site in support of the grassroots effort to prevent further development of the North Shore, Oahu.
Business 2.0
We collaborated with Business 2.0 to create new concepts and designs for an integrated tech portal.
We worked with 23andMe on the information architecture and layout for their original public website.
Vox Themes for Six Apart
Ideacodes designed two unique themes for the launch of Six Apart's Vox, a personal blog service.
We provided UI and UX expertise and design consulting for the alpha launch of the EveryTrail web application.
GigaOM 2.0
We redesigned the next generation of GigaOM, a leading news and tech blog network created by Om Malik.
We worked with Ning to create new wireframes and adapted the user interface for their evolving feature set.

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