Strategic design provides a holistic approach to your online goals. Whether you're creating a new web application or looking for a fresh perspective on your website, we provide a full suite of design services which can be requested individually or as part of our integrated process.

Design consulting

For over a decade, we've helped companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs create the ultimate online experience for their audience. Our full suite of strategic design services ensures that you'll have a design partner that can work with you from concept inception through to the launch of your website or web service. We'll provide design research and strategy to prototyping and concepting to designing the complete stystem. Or, if you need an experienced design team to provide expertise in one area, we're able to seamlessly step in and work with your team to achieve a successful design solution.

Specific design services...

User Interface (UI) Design
User interface refers to the specific elements and features of a web application, including the functional and visual aspects. The UI design of your web service or application can make the difference between a smart, pleasurable experience or one that frustrates users. We'll work with you to determine functional requirements, user analysis, information architecture and task flow, usability, and ultimately, create a UI that appeals to your audience(s), provides a rewarding experience, and meets business goals.
Interaction (IxD) Design
The interaction design of a site relates to each action available to a user and the manner in which those connect or diverge. Drawing from the fields of cognitive psychology and behavioral science, interaction design makes use of mental models and interface methophors to guide a user to accomplish various tasks and also to present content in a manner that's intuitive. As part of our design process, we'll first propose various design interactions and then work with you (and your users) to refine and detail how those interactions should function. In today's age of social networks, we're experts on how social interaction design (SxD) can be applied to an existing site or form the basis of a new web application.
User Experience (UX) Design
User experience describes the experiential part of human-computer interaction and how a person feels during and after using your site or service. There are several factors that influence behavior, including the person's state (their individual experience), the functional system (UI and interaction), as well as the context in which this occurs. With all of our projects, we approach design with a focus on creating an optimal user experience. Additionally, there might be occasions where you need specific help evaluating an existing product or providing guidance on creating the best experience. Through design research, in-field user testing, and design concepting, we'll provide a holistic perspective on the user experience of your product.
Visual Design
With its roots in communication design, visual design covers multiple elements that work together to convey a message to your visitors and audience. With the web, these componenents include layout and content presentation, information architecture, content, as well as accessibility and functionality. We'll analyze and hone your messages with you and then concept and create visual designs that communicate and resonate with your audience.
I feel fortunate to say that we worked with Ideacodes fairly early on in the lifecycle of our site. They not only created some really thoughtful, inspired designs -- their insights and feedback actually helped us understand our own product on a deeper level. Ideacodes is as talented as collaborators as they are designers, which is a pretty rare and powerful trait.


Web Applications
Whether you're creating a new web application or have an existing one, we'll provide design expertise with user interface, interactions, and user experience. We can flex between task flow/wireframes to full UI design.
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Blog networks
Designing for social media requires a keen understanding of game mechanics and social psychology. We've got both. We'll help you design social features for your site that your community will love.
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It might be time for a redesign of your site or the perfect moment to create a brand new online destination. Either way, we'll collaborate to strategize, concept and design a unique experience that tells your story and speaks to your visitors.
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We love our smartphones as much as our laptops. If you're looking to design a mobile app as a separate product or as an integrated extension of your web service, we can help with mobile UI design and concepting.
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Higher Education
We understand the unique needs and goals of sites that serve students, faculty, alumni, and the local and global community. We'll work with you to research and design the ideal solution for all audiences.
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