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projects tagged ‘website’

Stanford Applied Physics
We redesigned and redeveloped the new site for Stanford's prestigious Department of Applied Physics.
SOMA Magazine
We created a fresh, new design and implemented a dynamic platform for SOMA Magazine's new site.
Growers and Nomads
Mind Over Media brought us in to provide information architecture and designs for the new Growers and Nomad's site.
We delivered visual designs and front-end markup for the new 3Banana (now Snaptic) website.
MTV Cherry Girl
We collaborated with MTV International's Social Responsibility Director to create a site for their new eco-friendly persona, Cherry Girl.
We worked with IDEO on their site redesign, creating interaction design concepts and prototypes to illustrate new features.
Social Media Classroom
We designed and developed a new site with Howard Rheingold for the launch of the Social Media Classroom.
We worked with Sodahead to redefine their information architecture and created a new visual design for the community.
Nalu Collective
Nalu Collective is a website devoted to photographs and videos about the art of surfing from around the world.
We created this Twitter visualization and mashup that provides the most commonly used words in a given time period.
We created concept designs for the first version of the public site for GogoApps, which later became Tapulous.
Scion City
We created concept design for Scion City, a Millions of Us virtual world campaign in Second Life.
Millions of Us
We worked with CEO Reuben Steiger and Millions of Us to concept their new website and brainstorm design ideas.
Save the North Shore
We designed and developed this site in support of the grassroots effort to prevent further development of the North Shore, Oahu.
Business 2.0
We collaborated with Business 2.0 to create new concepts and designs for an integrated tech portal.
We worked with 23andMe on the information architecture and layout for their original public website.
Vox Themes for Six Apart
Ideacodes designed two unique themes for the launch of Six Apart's Vox, a personal blog service.
GigaOM 2.0
We redesigned the next generation of GigaOM, a leading news and tech blog network created by Om Malik.
We design the new corporate site for Sapotek, the company behind Desktoptwo, a web-based desktop.
Draper Richards
Draper Richards, a leading venture capital firm, brought us in to do a full redesign of their external site.
We created new visual designs for EmailOpen, a leading online communications provider for businesses.
The Sogan Foundation
We designed and developed the first website for the Sogan Foundation to help raise money to build the first science and tech school in Tibet.
Recruitech hired us to create new concept designs for their new initiatives and external web presence.
The City of Arvada, Colorado
We redesigned the public website and community information portal for the City of Arvada, Colorado.
Senior 411
We designed and coded a new site for Senior411, the only comprehensive guide to senior resources in Los Angeles.
Stinson Partners
We worked with Stinson Partners to strategize a new approach to the site and created new visual designs.
Robert Pagliarini
We designed and developed a new site for Robert Pagliarini, executive vice president of Allied Consulting Group.
99 Windows
We created 99 Windows as an experimental video and motion site exploring the urban San Francisco landscape.
Kaplan DeVries
A leading consultancy for executives, Kaplan DeVries needed a new site strategy and redesign.
We designed and developed the website for the Oswegatchie Canoe wilderness, a protected and unique region of the Adirondacks.
Climb Rainier
The Climb Rainier website showcases photographs and resources about Mt. Rainier, a 14,000 foot glaciated volcano.
Outdoor360 was the first site to present streaming video content targeted towards outdoor enthusiasts.
We created the site concept as an art project for photographers and web designers who could submit through the website.
WBFO Public Radio
WBFO Public Radio in Buffalo, NY was overhauling its entire identity system and needed a redesign of its dated website.
Geophone Records
We designed a developed a new website for techno music pioneer Mike Parker's record label, Geophone Records.
Dates! Web Calendaring
Ideacodes created four concept designs (home pages and inner pages) for Dates to show possible design directions.
Cornell Entrepreneur Network
eStrategy, community-building, website design, eCommerce engine, and implementation for Cornell University's new entrepreneur portal.
eStrategy, design and development for ClimberInfo, a nonprofit dedicated to environmental cleanups and the art of climbing.

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